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Zack Qureshi otherwise known as ‘RedEyeZack’ is an Alternative singer-songwriter from London, England.

He started by writing poetry as a form of exorcism from the east-west clash of identity.

From a collection of poems called “Staring into the clouds”, he developed a lyrical style which allowed him to create songs that are both deep and philosophically inspired by his travels. His voice radiates a warmth of emotion.

In concert, he explains something about the origin and inspiration for the songs and in turn, creates an intimate presence and connection with his audience. His favourite Beatle is George Harrison and his other musical influences are mostly guitar-based… 

Every one of us is on a personal struggle to find ourselves in this world. I have experienced the West and also had exposure to Eastern Philosophy. Living and learning from my own experience, I have come to realise that it is possible to find a life-balance with the mantra – ‘live the modern and study the ancient’



In this world of 'formula' pop music, it's refreshing that there are still musicians that believe in the traditional singer-songwriter's art of writing original material.


Enter Zack Qureshi, also known as 'RedEyeZack', an alternative singer-songwriter from London, England.


Some of his favourite albums include 'Revolver', 'Ziggy Stardust' and 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. Many people have commented on his 'indie rock' style and Jeff Buckley, Neil Finn (Crowded House) and Lloyd Cole shine through as valid reference points. Recently he's discovered Stephen Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Hozier from Wicklow, Ireland and James Bay (with whom shared an open mic night with a few years ago at the Duke Of Norfolk in Brighton).


Zack was born in leafy Surrey, a county south of the River Thames, just outside London. A green area, within walking distance to lakes in the countryside. He has been in the past an actor, an English teacher and educator.


His philosophical view on life is that every one of us is on a personal struggle to discover ourselves in this unpredictable and somewhat mad world. Zack has experienced life in the West and also had exposure to Eastern Philosophy. Living and learning on his personal life journey has resulted in his positive take on life and is reflected in his uplifting music and lyrics of the songs he's written.



Zack's view is that he has realised that it is possible to find a positive life-balance and he's mantra is – ‘live the modern and study the ancient’ Something we should all embrace.


Zack's first officially released single 'The Purpose Of Existence' was released on all platforms in 2010 and is a slice of quality indie rock. He is experimenting and working on creating a follow-up single 'Flying Free' which will draw inspiration from Indian drone instruments adding a psychedelic element to the guitar-based track 


Presently Zack is in the process of writing and recording his material. He's also actively playing live as often as possible. In 2020 he will be performing at intimate venues around London and the south-east. It's going to be a busy year. Keep your eyes open and follow RedEyeZack on YouTube for further details!


So, in this world of indecision and doubt, discover a light. Discover 'RedEyeZack'.


Huw Roberts

Music Journalist

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