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My First Self-Released EP

Hi Guys!
It's been a thoughtful Winter and I've self-produced this Intimate EP Album.

Here you'll find my explanation of why and how I've recorded this Self-release EP Album.  This will get the  ball rolling on my independent music production for future projects.

Thanks to Mario Zuccarello for recording/engineering.⁠  The songs cover variety of subject matter, most of it introspective.

I  do think it’s a raw and honest work of integrity & intimacy.⁠  

Themes from Insomnia, losing a dear one, our present decisions that  shape our futures, as well as the profound effects a smile can have upon  you… it’s mind-blowing!⁠  Also looking at nostalgia and the notion of romance in finding a  soulmate.⁠  I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy the album and I really look forward to Live-streaming or performing these songs live for you one day soon. It’s best listened to when  you feel quiet and reflective... electric guitar & vocals recorded  Live@CartmelStudios⁠!

Zack xx


released April 1, 2021                         

Thanks to my good friends on contributing to the recording of this debut self-released album: 

Engineer: Mario Zuccarello           


© all rights reserved   

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